Advice for underclassmen as they move through their high school years.

As I reflect on my LM experience, I would like to share some advice for underclassmen that I hope is useful as they move through their high school years. The first thing is to remember that it’s never too late to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. As a sophomore, I went from never participating in service work to throwing myself into the BuildOn community. I ended up loving it so much that I was set to go on the service trip to Guatemala (pre-pandemic plans), which was way out of my comfort zone but very exciting! Second, make efforts to meet new people each school year by joining a club or talking to people in your classes. You never know how that one new connection might change your path, and you definitely don’t want to be hung up later wondering “what if…?” Taking risks and pursuing what your heart desires leads to my next piece of advice—find something you are passionate about. This does not have to be something related to school. It’s natural to not know what you want to do with your life while you are still in high school or even college. The fact that you are young enables you to try different hobbies and interests that uplift you and make you feel happy. Personally, volleyball wasn’t just a sport, it became a source of passion, physical expression, and friendship that grew stronger each year at LM. Showing random acts of kindness to people that you may not know, such as a smile or a compliment, could be the highlight of their day as well as a highlight of your own day. My last piece of advice may sound cliché but just be yourself. High school is a crucial time for self-discovery. Express yourself however you please. I had moments when I was criticized for the way that I expressed my sense of style. I decided that it’s my life, and I need to express myself in the ways that are true to me. Time flies and sometimes it may seem slow and endless. Take it all in, form memories, and enjoy high school as much as you can.

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