Scott Eveslage

Sean Hughes was Lower Merion. The two are inseparable and will continue to be forever linked.


Sean Hughes—friend, father, husband, colleague, principal, mentor, guide, visionary, teacher, leader. He filled these roles with love and passion and did them all so well. He was so much to me and was so much to so many.

Sean Hughes is Mr. Lower Merion. In every role he served—teacher, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, and then Principal—he worked tirelessly and passionately for the students, people, and culture of LM. He loved the history and tradition of LM but also built and established new traditions, all the while envisioning a better educational world for LM and beyond. Sean Hughes was Lower Merion. The two are inseparable and will continue to be forever linked. His influence on LM will be everlasting.

One of his most simple but impactful gifts was being a great person. Those who knew him in or out of school felt the kindness of his soul. At LM, he was always a good ear and cheerleader for students, while bringing humanity and dignity to the workplace for his staff. He took his job seriously but knew the importance of good humor. I loved the time I spent with him—he brought laughter to every interaction. While I always laughed, I also left feeling valued, heard, and inspired. It was Sean’s unique magical way.

  He did things his own way. I marveled at seeing him interact with students. Whether it was sitting in the cafeteria by their side, attending their events, asking them for feedback, or just engaging in casual conversations in the classroom or hallways, Mr. Hughes had that same effect on students. He had a great way of speaking with and relating to our students and deeply valued their perspectives. He never lost focus on our fundamental mission of working for kids. This focus had profound effects on the culture at LM.

I miss my friend. Sean Hughes brought joy and strength to my life. The memories of our time together and the influence he has had on me are indelible. For everything that Sean Hughes is and has done, I am thankful.

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