Student Reflections

Read some select student reflections on Mr. Hughes and his legacy at LM.


When we had our very first Student Council Cabinet meeting in his office, Hughes kept repeating that we could use his conference room whenever, keep our backpacks in his office, and come hang out whenever we had frees. It meant so much that an administrator, not to mention the highest-ranked one at our school, was willing to be so humble and welcoming. I think that spirit really encapsulated who Mr. Hughes was.

Rissa Howard ’22

He taught me the effect that you can have on people when you wholeheartedly embody the phrase “Character Counts.”

Ella Breslin ’23

I remember moping around the hallways during the start of freshman or sophomore year and bumping into him. He told me about a time he felt unmotivated as well and pointed out that we only had a few hours left in the day. Though times here are rough now, thinking back to those memories has helped me.

Jaiden Shippen ’22

Hughes gave me more of a purpose to go to school.

Noah Clifford ’24

Mr. Hughes had a huge impact on LM. As a freshman, I wasn’t able to get to know him as well as my upperclassmen and teachers. However, the week following his passing, I could see how much he meant to everyone just by walking through the halls. I barely even knew him, but that didn’t stop the melancholy mood I felt. I grieved for a person I never truly met.

—Tayla Ha ’25

Thank you for making our school feel like a safe and welcoming environment.

—Bella Farina ’24

I was in his office discussing a serious topic with one of my friends, and all of a sudden near the end of the discussion we started to debate Star Wars, and I stayed there talking about Star Wars with Mr. Hughes for so long. He showed me his original Star Wars poster from 1977 and so many other memorabilia he had. I felt that since I am a big fan and he was a huge fan as well, we connected on a level that many students didn’t get the opportunity to, and I felt as if I had become his friend afterwards.

Josh Sultanik ’22

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