Salutations, Aces Nation!

“Salutations Aces Nation!” Those words mean a lot to me. They represent a beginning. The beginning of a speech, a morning announcement, or perhaps a Meronite article. But those words also represent how LM sees me. As I’ve heard, those words conjure the image of a “certain bow-tie wearing student body president.” This image of me —this persona —along with my morning announcements career and several crucial speeches has somehow made me one of the most known students at LM. I don’t know how it happened or any of the possible long-term consequences, but what I do know is that meeting as many people as I have in the LM community has been a jolly old time.
Firstly, regarding the students of LM, you guys are the best and I am so glad I could be here with you all. This is an absolutely outstanding, completely sterling, and entirely excellent group of students. This year’s student body, led by the class of 2022, has been the best I’ve ever seen. We had school spirit on a level previously unknown to me and created memories that I, for one, will never forget.
Meeting the teachers of LM has been a great adventure. I think of it like this—I come to school for my fellow students, but stay for the teachers (and to avoid truancy). The teachers here have, for the most part, made school interesting. I’d like to quickly shout out Mr. Samulewitz, Ms. Fireman, Mr. Zimmerman, and all the other teachers who I’ve never had for class, but whom I’d consider friends of mine.
Before I conclude my piece, I want to highlight LM’s staff—the campus aids, custodians, secretaries, groundskeepers, nurses, librarians, tech support staff, and cafeteria crew. Meeting and becoming friends with members of the school’s staff has been one of the best decisions I’ve made here. They run this place, yet they often remain nameless. To all LM students, I highly recommend introducing yourself to the people that make your lunch, check your attendance when you come in late, protect your halls, and clean your classrooms. A huge thank you to Ms. Brown, Liz, Jared, Vern, Elane, Liz, Ms. Davis, Ms. Gillman, Janine, and Amy (even though you did turn me into Mr. Kilpatrick).
I am very happy to have met as many people as I did. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, but, at the end of the day, regret is only a choice. My time at LM is coming to an end and I’d just like to say; I have been honored beyond words to serve as your Student Council President this past year. It has been an absolute pleasure and I am so grateful to everyone at Lower Merion. As the saying goes, old Student Council presidents never die, they simply fade away. With a lot of Love, President Leo Solga.

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