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The official student newspaper of Lower Merion High School since 1929

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Enjoy it while it lasts

Entering high school with a mother and two siblings who had already attended LM, I expected it to be the most enjoyable and enlightening years of my education to date. Yet, beside me, I observed a plethora of my peers seemingly focus on something we would not face for another four years: post-secondary education. Namely, it seemed that while some of us dedicated ourselves to fully experiencing and appreciating LM, a more significant proportion only wished to look forward to college and envision their precise journey to it.

Although college preparation is crucial, students should not solely be concentrating on it throughout their high school experience. After all, high school and college are equivalent in duration, and high school is also indispensable to becoming a well-functioning citizen. Students and their families often neglect to accept that indulging in LM—through academics, extracurriculars, and social interactions—for the sake of amusement and personal growth, and not merely for college, is perhaps the best way to enhance one’s preparation and profile for college. More notably, it unites our community and builds character.

Over our class’s first year and a half of high school, the progressive adoption of this community-focused mentality set us up to overcome substantial obstacles and succeed not only at LM but for the rest of our lives.

When LM’s most famous graduate passed away, we responded, honoring Kobe Bryant for his impact on our community; when met with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we responded, assiduously working through the changes in schooling, including shifts to virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning, as well as different masking stages; and when we lost our beloved principal Mr. Sean Hughes, we responded, helping the school move forward following the incident, memorializing his legacy, and demonstrating the same character and personal values that Hughes preached.

Our commitment to and engagement with LM can also be seen through our triumphs. Ultimately, we have had tremendous success over the past few years, and much of it can be attributed to this shift in mentality. Our members of Technology Student Association, Science Olympiad, Mock Trial, Jazz Band, and all of our competitive clubs have proven time and time again how, with dedication, they can lead their clubs to victory, including achievements in district, regional, state, and even national competitions; our athletes’ devotion has further justified the elite status associated with the LM boys’ cross country, boys’ and girls’ soccer, girls’ volleyball, boys’ basketball, and boys’ tennis programs, as they have developed a collection of Central League, District, and State titles and runs.

These accomplishments indicate what can happen when people truly indulge in a community. Even though there is value in preparing for one’s future, the character and community unification that we advance through participation enable us to persevere and excel at a level that otherwise would be unattainable. 

So yes, do plan for your future. But do not let it take away from keeping your present as the focal point. Whether at LM or down the line in whatever future communities we join, as more of us take the time to truly participate in them rather than leaving our futures as the center of attention, we will see immense achievement. Engage, LM. Engage, and we will see that the limit lies far beyond the sky.

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