Celebrating resilience

Dear Class of 2022,

To say that your class is the definition of character, grit, and resilience would be an understatement. In your short time at LMHS, you have overcome some of the hardest obstacles that life can throw at you.  First, there was the COVID-19 pandemic which we are still living in. Second, there was the tragic loss of a beloved teacher and Science Olympiad advisor, Mr. Stettner. Third, the soul of LMHS was taken away with the loss of our leader, Mr. Sean Hughes. Despite this, you have continued to rally around each other and help bring our community together as we heal and move forward.  I am honored that I had a chance to work with you; you make me proud to be part of Aces Nation.  You keep me laughing and young at heart. Not a day went by without at least one of you stopping by my office to say hello. I am grateful for your remarkable joy, astute insight and amazing talent. It has been a pleasure watching you find success academically, athletically, and in many other extra-curricular activities. I am lucky to have many great memories and funny stories about your class; I hope one day you come back and visit so I can share them with you. I am so excited about your futures individually and collectively. The sky’s the limit for all of you. You completed high school in the midst of a global pandemic. Your life was disrupted in many ways and with multiple tragedies. Despite these challenges and because of them, you are stronger. You have overcome the unexpected, and persevered. You are stronger- individually and collectively-for that, and you will continue to be a model of ingenuity and resolution .

Just so you know, I believe in each and every one of you. You are all going to achieve great things, and you all are going to change the world in some way. Character Counts is a special saying at LM. Your class is a model of character. I challenge you to continue to be the outstanding citizens that you are. Life will continue to be difficult at certain points. You have already proven that you can overcome anything.

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