A message of appreciation

As freshmen, you were the babies of the building. You experienced the Radnor Week Pep Rally and Parents Night Out for the first time. 2020 started out smoothly with a Welcome Back Dance, second place in Radnor Week, and the “Kahoot of the Century”. Then, the world shut down. Quarantine disrupted the second semester of sophomore year in the building, but it didn’t dampen our spirit. Featured in episodes of “Aces Up”, LM stuck together to show school spirit and resilience. 2021 brought the promise of normalcy and a chance for our junior class to reconnect. We were back, masked and ever-shifting between virtual, hybrid, half day, synchronous, and asynchronous. We are officially the class of schedule-navigating experts, and we did it all in our Rugrats themed Junior class t-shirts, selling Bundt cakes and yard signs. Senior year was our year of redemption. We banded together to celebrate with traditions such as Senior Sunrise, the Welcome Back Dance, a third defeat in Maroon and White, and the Amazing Ace. Señora thoroughly enjoyed having estudiantes back in room 102, handing out dulces and chatting, en Espanol, por favor. Feeney thrived back in 204. His “funny” comments just don’t have the same impact unless he gets to see people’s reactions. Our class spirit was unparalleled as evidenced by Radnor Week, Maroon Madness, and the Dawg Pound. We had our share of heartbreak too. Losing our beloved Mr. Hughes was an unexpected tragedy. We leaned in together and found the spirit and support to push on. He would have loved to celebrate our Lip Dub this year. 

We have so many wonderful memories of the class of 2022. Thank you for letting us be a part of your time here at LM, for the laughter and tears, and for your spirit and enthusiasm. Thank you for unmuting yourselves and keeping your cameras on in a sea of zoom blackness. We are hopeful that the next part of your journey won’t involve distance learning, but if it does, we are confident that you’ll be able to adapt to anything thrown your way. You have left your mark on LM, and now it’s time for you to forge your path ahead. We’ll always be here to celebrate your successes and reminisce about old times. Congratulations class of 2022!

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