The 25th hour

The author describes a world where every day is daylight savings day, and how he would use that extra hour.

Graphic by Cate Roser ’21/Staff

It’s that time of the year again, where we rewind the clock an hour! Daylight savings is my favorite day of the year because of how it cures my sleep deprivation. Imagine if daylight savings happened every day. If we were lucky enough to experience an extra hour every single day, I would use that hour to accomplish things I have always wanted to do.
Starting off, I would love to start a YouTube channel. I have always dreamt of becoming a YouTuber influencer but never really had the time to start a channel, film videos, and edit them. I would use that extra hour everyday to pursue a YouTube career because I’m not interested in college, instead I was born to be famous. I would come up with video concepts that would attract YouTube viewers, I would make sure that my editing skills are a ten out of ten for every video, and I would make sure that I’m original and unique from the other content creators. I would like to have a YouTube platform too, of course, make people laugh and feel happy, along with speaking out on social and global issues. I feel like there aren’t that many YouTubers that do so these days, and certain issues need to be spoken about now more than ever.
In addition, another way I would spend this extra daily hour would be to explore Philly late at night with friends. I’ve always found the city so fascinating at night, and I would love to explore Philly and attempt to hit every iconic attraction that I usually take for granted. Some of these attractions include the Rocky steps by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Walnut Street, the LOVE sign, and more. I would also spend the extra hour driving around with my friends, going to every fast food chain in our area, and ordering food from each place and eating it afterwards. As I’m writing this, I’m realizing how much of a blessing it would be to have an extra hour every day. But to be honest, if we’re being realistic, I would probably end up wasting that extra hour by binge-eating Häagen-Dazs Cookie Dough ice cream as I rewatch Ariana Grande music videos half asleep, like what I do every day. So, that’s how I would use my extra hour. How about you?

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