Spring Break: Derailed by COVID?

Discussed how typical Spring break vacation plans were either scrapped or adjusted this year due to Covid-19. Author interviews members of the community to gain deeper insight into the effect of Covid-19 on Spring break travel.

Graphic by Emma Liu ’22/Staff

COVID-19 has affected a majority of the LM community’s spring break plans. Due to the risks involved in the transmission of COVID-19, like when someone talks, coughs, sneezes, or even sings, that can travel to other people, most have chosen to remain home. Jessica Dubin ’23 states that, “For the first time in many years, we have broken our tradition of going to Aruba. Generally, we would spend our week there by the beach in the great weather, but because of COVID-19 precautions, we have decided to stay home.” Even though the Dubins didn’t travel, they had a great time at home by  going on walks, shopping, or even playing with their puppy. However, some LM students decided that if they took the right precautions, travel would be okay.  Sydney Harman ‘23 says, “My family and I travelled to the Bahamas, but stayed in a personal boat because we believed that would be a safe option without other people surrounding us. We had a great time and cherished these experiences in the safest way possible!” The Harmans spent their spring break in amazing warm temperatures along with an excellent beach. Instead of staying in a hotel or complex with other people, they spent their time alone in a boat. There were many protocols that Harman and her family followed making this trip not only super fun, but safe. People’s plans around our community are much different than usual years because of the risk of being in another place and traveling, so most people stayed local. This has led to a difference in typical spring break vacations but caused many families to be creative in how they relax. Either spending family time or gathering outdoors with friends in the lovely weather, this has been a much deserved break. All in all, spring break regardless where you go is a nice break from school, and from staring at a computer screen for many hours.

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