Highs and lows

From being a scared freshman to a proud senior, Christian Owusu looks back on his time at LM. Owusu discusses the ups and downs of being a student at LM and the school community.

As my four years at LM come to an end, a number of events come to mind, and with it a clearer view of what these four years have meant for me. I entered LM as a student fresh out of Valley Forge Military Academy, and as one could guess, I was overwhelmed. The classes, my peers, and even the school culture were all unknown to me and all I remember is how nervous I felt. In many ways, LM felt like an entirely new world and I thought I’d never truly fit in. But even I, a scared little kid from New Jersey, found a home at LM and am truly grateful for everything the school has given me. 

Like all institutions, LM has had its issues and shortcomings, but as the Class of 2021, I think we should all try to remember the good as we begin to exit. From the yearly Radnor game, to Maroon Madness, to Winterfest, LM always made sure to build a sense of community and school spirit. Aside from this, LM gave us the ability to make meaningful change where we saw it necessary. We were able to make clubs, like the “Council for Racial Equity and Inclusivity” and “I Will Breathe,” both in response to pressing issues within our community and beyond. I’ve never seen another school with a stronger student body and an even stronger institution backing them. I now see that this allowed myself and many others to grow and discover the issues that matter to us.

The reason for LM’s support of students and cultivation of school spirit is because, at its core, the school cares deeply for the success of its students. With some exceptions, all teachers and staff I’ve met truly love their students and believe in us unconditionally. We all came into LM a little unsure of who we were and what we’d want to do in the future, and the staff helped shape us into young adults ready to begin pursuing careers. If there is anything I want the students of my class to remember, it’s that LM truly wanted us to become the best version of ourselves and the staff in place did a generally phenomenal job at helping us achieve that. LM has had its ups and downs, but all I feel when I think of my four years here is immense gratitude, and the knowledge that LM will always hold a place in my heart. That being said, I wish the Class of 2021  all the best, and pray we never forget what this school has done for us.

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