Goodbye, virtual learning?

Will LM remain in-person or are we set to return to virtual again?


Aiko Palaypayon '23

In-person learning has allowed the return of Lunch and Learn. Students can now congregate in the library to eat, socialize, and collaborate.

In-person learning has allowed the return of Lunch and Learn. Students can now congregate in the library to eat, socialize, and collaborate. | Photo by (Aiko Palaypayon ’23/Staff)

Although COVID-19 numbers are on the rise, the transition from virtual to in-person learning is still moving forward. Now students are only permitted to be on Zoom if they have COVID-19 or are quarantining. Otherwise, they must be in school. As we have transitioned back to a “traditional” learning environment, there are many COVID-19 precautions that have been put into place to try and ensure the safety of students and staff. To start, there have been new rules set for the library. While the library is normally a place with an overflow of students, due to free periods and teacher absences, there is now a rule that only four people can sit at a table. This eliminates the crowding of students around tables but still allows students to collaborate and socialize with their friends which is one of the many benefits of being in person. 

In addition, the transition back to in-person learning has allowed students to begin utilizing Lunch and Learn again. Junior Noa Richard said, “In-person learning makes it easier for student-teacher connections along with peer connections to form which are necessary for a better learning experience and environment.” Being at home forces students to be extremely self motivated and learn things on their own. If they are confused, they don’t have the luxury of walking to class and asking their teacher for help. Instead, they have to take the initiative to help themselves which is very hard for certain students. Junior Gabby Tepper-Waterman said, “In-person learning is so much better. When I’m at home, I’m easily distracted and not productive.” Students feel that when they are doing school at home, it doesn’t feel like a learning environment, and therefore they aren’t motivated to do their work. While they are at school, however, students are constantly being encouraged to embrace learning and complete their assignments. 

The transition back to in-person learning has also brought a surge of school spirit. Not being able to be together for so long has made the excitement of it finally happening twice as big. Everyone wants to go to sporting events and be together supporting their school. Even though we are able to go to sports games again, changes have been made. This year, basketball games are limited to 25% capacity to prevent a large crowd huddled together. Although the games are limited in capacity, having a small crowd in attendance has certainly helped to regain the school spirit LM once had. Overall, the transition to in-person learning has been embraced by students, as they are excited to return to their normal lives.

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