Due to COVID-19, this year’s fall traditions will be celebrated very differently. First of all, a lot of annual LM fall activities won’t be happening in the same way this year, such as Radnor Week. Radnor Week is an entire week dedicated to getting LM students excited for the big football game against our rival. The various events during the week include spirit days, daily lunch competitions, hallway wars, powder puff games, and more. It’s a great opportunity for students to be actively involved and it’s such an exciting part of the school year. Alina Morin ’23 is “disappointed about events like football games and other LM fall traditions like Radnor Week being canceled because they are an important part of our high school experience, but hopefully we will have more opportunities soon.”

From trick-or-treating all the way to apple picking, everything will be changed due to the new guidelines and restrictions. There are tons of Halloween traditions that LM students usually take part in. One of my personal favorites would be “Terror Behind the Walls” at the Eastern State Penitentiary. Here, my friends and I are constantly frightened, as we walk through the Halloween themed penitentiary halls filled with people dressed in scary costumes. Along with this haunted house, there are multiple others in the area, such as the Bates Motel. Sadly due to COVID-19, these houses will be suspended and students will need to get creative with getting their “scare” on. Regardless of age, the most classic halloween tradition, trick-or-treating, will always be exciting. Seeing all the decorations on the houses and picking through bags to find your favorite candy will always be a favorite memory of mine. This is the season when students browse through Pinterest during class, “claiming” Halloween costumes hoping no one else will choose an identical outfit. It is a festival that cuts across ages and cultures, with everyone just wanting to have a good night of fun and be something that they’ve always fantasized about. Like so many other traditions and festivities, maybe Halloween in its traditional form will also be canceled, but those who insist on not letting this holiday slip by without any memories will experience a very different Halloween this year. Just like every LM Ace, I am excited to see how we will transform this Halloween and defy the constraints of COVID-19.


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